TelegramTools is a telegram management service


A simple way to automate the work of owners of telegram channels. Join now!

Main functions

Scheduled posting

Specify the posting interval and add posts to the queue with one click. Only 5 minutes and content for the whole day is ready!

Channel analytics

We regularly collect the daily and even hourly statistics of all your telegram channels and output them together with the MP data.

Mutual promotion (MP)

It is easy to choose a partner for exchange, make an offer and begin work. Further the bot managing the placement works.


Automatic control under compliance with the terms of the transaction. As with cross-promo and advertisements placement.


Just buy an advertisement in the telegram channel. Automatic control over the posting and terms of the transaction.

Monetize channels

When you need advertisers place your channel in the directory, specify the conditions. Approve applications, and the rest for you will make the system.

Additional administrators

A few people work with one channel? Use our mechanism of multi-service access.

Quick registration

Simply knock on our bot and it will issue an individual authorization code.

The main goal of the service is to release as much time as possible for channel administrators through the creation of automated tools.

Benefits of the service:

Automation of work with advertising

Service itself will place advertising at the right time and at the right time will remove advertising.

Control over the implementation of agreements

If not a conscientious partner removes advertising ahead of time, he will receive a fine, advertising will roll back, and your money will remain yours.

Free work with Cross-Promo

Service MP is free for both partners. We are glad to see the growth and development of telegram channels. And we like to help with this.

All in one place

We added several services in one place and continue to work on the development of the service together with you.

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